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Hey good people, here is another update on SweetKenny

Ken is scoring and doing the sound design for this game: The Darkness Of Ragnarokk!!! To check out the games' web site, go to: The Darkness Of Ragnarokk!! Once you get there, look around!!! There is an interview on YouTube, the Developers Blog, Archives, art work and much more!

Logo for Demon Gaming - The Darkness Of Ragnarokk

Once you get to the site you'll "Here is our first interview courtesy of DemonGaming. The interview is conducted by Alex Grey Phillips. This should answer a few more questions for you. Some of the questions are from gamers' themselves from a live channel. The creator has had requests for more live interviews, which we will share with you as they happen."

Breaking news!!! SweetKenny has just opened WaterFall Records Merch!!!

Take me to the new WaterFall Records Merch Store!!

More breaking news!!! WaterFall Studios Will no longer accept recording, mixing, nor mastering projects!!!

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To bring you up to date on SweetKenny!!

Photo of In Your Face CD Coverby Ken Sutton

SweetKenny (Ken Sutton) has 17 albums out and is now writing his 18th album titled "In Your Face" due for release in 2016 is uploaded to bandcamp. Ken Sutton (SweetKenny) plays all his own parts as well as sings them. You can find out more on SweetKenny at his website, SweetKenny!! As always, we will keep you up to date. God bless you!!!

The SweetKenny Team!
Peace Be With You!!

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