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WaterFall Studios

Using the OnLine Booking Office

Welcome to our OnLine Booking Office for Mixing, Mastering and Recording Sessions! At the bottom of this page you will find two links:


Pick which service you want to get a price on, from the drop-down list, then press 'Tab', enter a quantity or length of time desired, and then press 'Tab' again.

When requesting a rate, please be sure to include the following in the "Extra Info" box of the form below:

At WaterFall Studios we are experienced in the production of:

This field is required NOTE:

If you need to begin a project from recording the tracks and vocals or rap, the link below takes you to our Recording Booking Page.

Recording Session

After you finish tracking, mixing down to a two-track stereo is the next step. Of course, mixing is followed by the mastering process. The link below takes you to our Mixing/Mastering Booking Page.

Mix and/or Mastering Session

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