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by Michael Stevenson and Kenneth Sutton

An email from Ken to Michael: “As you know a lot of people ask about recording and how to do it. So....I thought about doing a Monthly posting on the WaterFall site. I'll send you things at the end of each month so you can edit and post it. We can call it the WaterFall Records Learn to Record Page or something. And we can also set up a weekly chat on recording too.”

“Also think about a Guitar page as well. Berklee is charging $3,000.00 a class on recording and about the same with the others.”

“I think if we start off with a Sample Page for Free, we can get some students to join us for classes, we need to talk about this and set this up soon.”

Response from Michael to Ken: “No problem. We have quite a few Articles already; click the Tutorials Menu Tab and you'll find the first Free installment! I've been preparing some articles on Musicianship, Guitar, Producing, Music, Songwriting, and Studio Experiences.”

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