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WaterFall Studios

WaterFall Studio's Client List

WaterFall Studio has recorded and Mastered for artists as:

WaterFall Studio has also done the CD and DVD designs for Country/Blue Grass singer, Ray Franks.

Other projects WaterFall Studio Has Done


All the video work was done by Ken Sutton, as was as all the animation in the video's, Ken also created all of the character's in the animation.


Recorded, mastered, and wrote all the lyric's to the songs; Ken also played on and produced all of the songs.


WaterFall Studio designed all the art work to the CD's and DVD's, and created the DVD's.


Reverend Robert Sexton's All-Star Blues Review. (“HAVE MERCY” Music Video)

WaterFall Studio completed, in year (2009), “TWO” (2) animated music video's for Boston, Ma. rapper C-$TACK$ as well as designed his CD “C-$TACK$, MY STORY” as well as the DVD's “SEX GAMES” and “WHEN I TAKE OFF”, both by C-$TACK$. Ken also designed and edited the raw interview rappers show “The Corner” hosted by C-$tack$ and seen on youtube.com

WaterFall Studio also designed the new Ray Franks CD titled “LOOK UP! Ray Franks Sings Country Gospel” which came out at the end of June 2009

WaterFall Studio also completed the CD design for Ray Franks titled “Come Join Our Tea Party, Let's Take America Back!” 2010 and a music video for title song: “Let's Take America Back”

WaterFall Studio just completed a new Ray Franks album titled “Ray Franks Sings Classic Country Hits” released in April 2014, all of the studio recording/mixing/mastering and design work for this album was done at WaterFall Studio.

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