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Keep These Tips in Mind When Mixing

by Kenneth Sutton

Put in a reference CD, see what it is you like about the CD and work to get a comparable sound. Just remember, you are going for a mix. Don't try to get the level as hot as the reference CD, you're reaching for the tone, balance and placement in the stereo field.

Book a pre-mix clean up session. Take an hour or so to come in with Ken, and erase all the throat clearing, the guitar clicks, the out-take solos, etc. At mix time, you can concentrate on the creativity, not the housekeeping.

Ken Sutton: "This is the Orignal 4-track mix with Altered State, which was recorded on 3/3/01, on a Tascam 414 4-track. I Remixed the song in ProTools, and I must say they really do have there own way of playing."

Untitled - song written by Altered State   Listen To: Orginal mix of Altered State

Untitled - song written by Altered State remixed by Ken Sutton    Listen To: Remix of Altered State

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