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We are introducing a new feature: The Tutorials Section! The tutorials on Mastering were mainly compiled by Ken Sutton. There are other tutorials that were compiled by Michael Stevenson. More tutorials are in the making.

The purpose of these pages is to state what we at WaterFall believes true Mastering consist of. What many people don't realize is just how great a change is made to commercial records at the mastering stage. Prior to mastering, you might be surprised at just how ordinary some mixes sound.

Some call extra EQ'ing and compressing Mastering. These are but two of the possible enhancements that a Mastering Engineer may do to your product!

In the mixing process the important musical elements have been brought out in the final mix. The EQ has been done as well as panning. Effects have been utilized to give the sound depth and space.

These are elements that should be handled by the Mixing Engineer.

Excerpt from: page 1, Mastering Introduction.

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