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The Nudge

Sharing Musicians

By Michael Stevenson


Now where were we? Oh yeah; I was going to tactfully lead the other musicians into becoming sharing musicians. As I said; egos are fragile so tact is mandatory in the approach I will try using. I called my very good friend and keyboardist extraordinaire; William Lloyd Wooten and we talked about the problem and different approaches.

Will and I first started playing together back in the late 60's and even back then, his musical knowledge and finesse were known throughout the city! William Wooten is a former member of the group, “Brainstorm”, former songwriter and backing keyboardist for “The Dramatics”, and is currently with “The Spinners”. I treasure his friendship, his musical knowledge, and his musical sensitivity.

Will suggested using a comparison of playing music together to a professional basketball team playing together. “Think back to Michael Jordan when he first joined The Chicago Bulls, before the teamwork and members were in place. Michael put up amazing stats and phenomenal individual play, but without the full team being on the same page; no championship rings. Once the team adjustments where made and roles were played as needed; the beginning of the Chicago Bulls Dynasty!”

I won't know if that approach will be successful because I only play with those particular musicians once or twice a year so I'm in a holding pattern until another gig comes along. I feel that a heavy handed technique would defeat the cohesiveness desired, but gentle nudging may help them realize playing together will sound a lot better. I also think that this nudge will let them know that I'm only referring to refining our playing together, not changing their individuality. Everyone is bringing something to the table; I only hope to help the presentation!

Until the next time, take care.

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