About Us

DummyDog Productions and Ssor Productions

These are the Production Companies for WaterFall Studios. Ken Sutton and Michael Stevenson comprise the core of DummyDog Productions and Ssor Productions. DummyDog Productions and Ssor Productions work with an in-house Promotion and Publicity staff.

Ssor Productions will help you polish your tracks and lyrics to reach the best possible product. The staff has over 45 years of experience in this field and if you want Ssor Productions can create tracks for you.


WaterFall Records and DummyDog Productions are devoted to the mission of artist and client satisfaction. Client satisfaction is about creating long-term relationships with a small number of carefully selected clients, giving each one the full attention and dedication of the WaterFall Records staff and DummyDog Productions. Our goal is high quality/high satisfaction; not high volumn.

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