Ken is a founding member, vocalist with Labyrinth - Songwriter - Producer - Publisher - Tracking Engineer - Mastering Engineer

Ken Sutton has played with various bands in and out of Detroit. Ken has done Rock to Country, Blues to Jazz. He was also the top Elvis Impersonator and Alice Cooper Impersonator in Detroit.

Ken started his recording career in 1984 with nothing more than a 4-track tape recorder. He then moved up to an ADAT tape machine. His vision gave birth to WaterFall Records. He has recorded for such artists as:

Benny Lang: Guitar player for The Miracles, The Dramatics, The Temptations and other Motown artists.

Larry Johnson: Singer, Dancer and Actor.

Ken has also recorded other local bands in Metro Detroit.

Ken attended the Berklee Music College and received Certifications in ProTools DeskTop Music Production, Mixing and Music Mastering.

He's the frontman for the band Labyrinth, and has had radio play on WPON 1460 am and Internet Radio. He is currently working on a new CD.

It was through a recording project with another group that Ken met Michael Stevenson.

Ken and Michael continued their relationship, which grew into a plan to unite and to move forward in a partnership that blossomed into the next version of WaterFall Records, and the creation of DummyDog Productions.

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