Mastering Introduction


These pages are to state what WaterFall believes true Mastering consist of. Some call extra EQ'ing and compressing Mastering. These are but two of the possible enhancements that a Mastering Engineer may do to your product!

  • In the mixing process the important musical elements have been brought out in the final mix.
  • The EQ has been done as well as panning. Effects have been utilized to give the sound depth and space.
  • Listening to, and thinking about, a mix of a song (the sounds and balances), separate from the song itself (the melody, the lyrics, etc).
  • Listening to, and thinking about, a mix of a song and how it supports and relates to the song itself.
  • Listening closely to individual sounds in the mix, and how they complement (or detract from) one another.
  • Listening to the overall blend of all of the sounds of a mix.
  • Finding a language to describe and articulate what we hear, how we hear it, and why we think its good (or not so good!).
  • So what if we had to come up with an answer to the question posed at the start of this topic? What would we say? If we made a list of the elements in a "good" mix, we might say that in a "good" mix:

  • Everything in the music sounds "balanced."
  • Everything in the music has its own sonic space in the mix.
  • The overall mix has a lot of depth and clarity.
  • Everything sounds "clean."
  • These are elements that should be handled by the Mixing Engineer.

    Mastering, as you know, is the final step to achieving your sound. It is a very important step in the process of delivering your music to the public.

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