Our Mastering Procedures

Your Mastering Test CD

This is the way WaterFall Mixing, Mastering and Recording Studios works: You send in your CD-R or CD along with another CD (the reference CD) that you like the sound of or think is compatible with your music (and/or any comments you might have), along with $35.00 (non-refundable processing & shipping) and we will master it and then return to you a Proof CD. If you like it, pay the bill and we will send you two copies of the master. If you don't like it then don't pay the bill. The most you will loose is $35.00.

The Reference CD

The reference CD should be of a group or style of music that you like or sound similar to, or like the way it sounds. This will give us an idea of how you want your finished project to sound. So if you're a heavy metal band, don't send in a classical CD! The style of music does not necessarily have to be the same just as long as you like the sonic quality of the reference CD that should be fine.

The Proof CD

The proof CD will be exactly the same as a mastered CD except for shortened versions with occasional test tones placed in each song. This way the test CD cannot be used as a master.

Basic Mastering Rates

The basic mastering includes processes like EQ, compression, limiting, loudness, enhancing, etc. Our Basic Mastering Rates are only $60.00 per song, or $400.00 for a full album (8 - 15 songs).

Special Limited Time Offer!

The WaterFall Mixing, Mastering and Recording Studios limited time only promotional mastering rates are only $30.00 per song (that's $10 off the regular price per song!) for two songs. And $350.00 for a full album (8 - 15 songs). That's a $50.00 savings!!!

WaterFall has a One Time Only Offering!

Mastering of 3 - Songs. This is a Limited Time Offer. FREE, FREE, FREE! We will Master 3 songs, put them on CD and send it to you.

The format to send me can be a MP3, a Wave File, CD or cassette. However, the BEST is:
CD 16 or 24 bit .wav files (CD-R or CD-RW)
16 or 24 bit .aiff files (CD-R or CD-RW)

Send your three songs to:
WaterFall Studios
C/O Ken Sutton
11389 S. Forrest Sideroad
Dafter, MI 49724

You must send me your address along with the Demo so I know where to send CD plus shipping charges.

How to pay for Mastering

Print out the downloadable order form. Complete the form and mail it to the address listed along with your CD, reference CD, and money order (no personal checks please) and we will begin mastering your project once received. If there are any questions that you may have, please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

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