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DummyDog Productions Seeking Select Independent Artists

DummyDog Productions, an independent artist development and production company in Michigan, is broadening its highly selective search for talent. DummyDog Productions represents music producers Ken Sutton and Michael Stevenson. The new policy will allow independent artists to work with DummyDog Productions on a more informal basis paying one hourly rate (based on which format chosen) for their services as well as time in the WaterFall Mixing, Mastering, and Recording Studio with an experienced audio engineer.

A producer is invaluable to a recording session but most independent artists just can't afford one because studio time is so expensive. We have a great studio here that is exclusively for productions of DummyDog, so we can include studio time in our producer rates. It's a great deal! Any independent artist thinking of recording should definitely check out what we have to offer!

DummyDog Productions has been in business since 2001 and focuses on Artist Development; this involves developing long-term relationships with promising new independent artists and guiding their growth as both performers and artists. An artist development deal with DummyDog Productions offers clients personal attention. Of course clients can record and utilize the expertise of WaterFall Mixing, Mastering, and Recording Studio and the DummyDog Producers at the regular Production rates.

We are searching for exceptional independent artists to work with DummyDog Productions in WaterFall's private recording environment potentially leading to future independent artist development deals.

In the area of Artist Relations we will be assisting independent artists interested in getting involved with DummyDog Productions, finding bands and solo artists with the potential for a DummyDog Productions artist development deal. This includes not only outstanding up-and-coming musical acts but also promising younger bands that could benefit from artist development.

To reach DummyDog Productions, send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


WaterFall Records and DummyDog Productions are devoted to the mission of independent artist development and client satisfaction: finding gifted young musical acts and developing them from burgeoning artists to successful professional musicians. Client satisfaction is about creating long-term relationships with a small number of carefully selected clients giving each one the full attention and dedication of the WaterFall Records staff and DummyDog Productions. Our goal is high quality/high satisfaction; not high volume.

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