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Biographies of the WaterFall Studio Staff

Michael Stevenson

Michael is Guitarist, Multi-Instrumentalist, Lead/Background Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer, Publisher, Copyist, Arranger, Teacher, Mixing Engineer, Music Director, and Web Master.

While in Los Angeles, CA., he worked as a Musical Director, Copyist, Songwriter, Publisher (Lovenson Music), Producer (Stevenson-Love Productions), and as an Epic Records Recording Artist with the band The Dr.s' (Album entitled Rx 1) ......Click on the above hyperlink to read the complete resume of Michael Stevenson.

Ken Sutton

Ken is the Founder and Owner of WaterFall, Vocalist, Songwriter, Producer, Publisher, Tracking Engineer, Mixing Engineer, and Mastering Engineer.

Ken Sutton has played with various bands in and out of Detroit. Ken has done Rock to Country, Blues to Jazz. He was also the top Elvis Impersonator and Alice Cooper Impersonator in ...... Click on the above hyperlink to read the complete resume of Ken Sutton.

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